MAYAPRID is a chloronicotinyle soluble powder formulation containing 20% of the active ingredient Acetamiprid. MAYAPRID is a highly effective systemic insecticide for the control of Insect.

Active Ingredient: Acetamiprid
Formulation: 20% SP

MAYAPRID is a broad-spectrum systemic insecticide.

MAYAPRID has excellent translaminar action, quick acting.

MAYAPRID causes paralysis and gradual death of insects.

Mode of action

MAYAPRID exhibits a systemic translaminar action. It has a novel mechanism of action on the insect nervous systems by acting as an agonist to nAch. It also exhibits triple action: ovicidal, adulticidal and larvicidal.


No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically

Crop, Target Insect & Dose:
Target Crop Common Name of Pest Dosage
VegetablesWhite fly20-40 gm/acre
PaddyHoppers20-40 gm/acre
FruitsJassids20-40 gm/acre
CottonAphids20-40 gm/acre
OilseedsScale insects20-40 gm/acre