MAYAFEZIN 25 is an Insecticide of " Insect Growth Regulator Group". It inhibits moulting of nymphs and larvae, leading to death.  It is a novel insecticide for integrated pest management.

Active Ingredient: Buprofezin
Formulation: 25% SC

MAYAFEZIN 25 is an IGR which inhibits moulting of nymphs and larvae.

MAYAFEZIN 25 acts as contact and stomach insecticide.

MAYAFEZIN 25 can be used as both Insecticide and Acaricide.

MAYAFEZIN 25 suppresses oviposition in adults.

Mode of action

MAYAFEZIN 25 is a growth regulator, acting as an inhibitor of chitin synthesis.


No specific antidote. Give symptomatic and supportive therapy.

Crop, Target Insect & Dose:
Target Crop Common Name of Pest Dosage
CottonWhite Fly Aphids, Jassids, Thrips400 ml/acre
ChiliesYellow Mite240 ml/acre
MangoHoppers1-2 ml/liter of water
GrapesMealy bugs600 ml/acre
RiceBPH, GLH,WBPH320 ml/ha